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14 Helpful Articles on Project Development from 2023

Fourteen articles inspired by the most interesting people and projects we encountered in 2023. JD Solomon Solutions delivers the best in new program development.
Fourteen articles inspired by the most interesting people and projects we encountered during 2023.

What's hot in project development in 2023? The insights on our website provide a good snapshot. Read a few of the fourteen articles and let us know your thoughts. We trust that you will find them helpful.

The Sources of the Articles

The articles were based on the most interesting people and topics we encountered in our travels. For the most part, travels include the consulting assignments of JD Solomon Solutions. Sometimes, the article's source is related to the follow-up conversations from a workshop or webinar.

No Particular Order or Predetermined List

JD Solomon Solutions is a lean, niche company. That means most of the content creation for the website falls on me and not our team. Time is precious, so everything comes from the wild. The golden rule is, “See it, write about it, and post it.” That makes looking back on the previous year's content just as informative as the articles themselves.

What’s In Project Development

Yes, we actually call this category Program Development in our company information. We use “project development” in this article because it is a more popular term for internet searches. In practice, this category includes program development, including individual project development, and program delivery.

We simplify it as the 3D’sDecisions, Development, Delivery. Specific services include business case evaluations, partnerships & regionalization, delivery methods, project tools, and communication. Please see our Program Development webpage for more information.

There is a Good Range of Topics

The goal is to be inspired to produce one 600 to 900-word article each month. We exceeded the goal with fourteen.

JD Solomon Solutions primarily helps owners develop programs and related projects. We prefer to have our partner engineering and construction firms do the implementation-phase program management and construction management. It is not surprising the mix of articles is two-thirds to one-third.

  • Planning & Development (9)

  • Implementation (5)

We covered this cluster of topics from a practitioner's perspective

  • Asset Inventory and Condition (3)

  • Asset Valuation and Finance (3)

  • Planning & Funding (3)

  • Project Management Tips (2)

  • Project Delivery Methods (1)

  • Project Controls and Software (1)

  • Risk (3)

  • Artificial Intelligence (1)

  • Mergers/Regionalization (2)

  • Communication (1)

14 Helpful Articles on Project Development from 2023

This is our list from November 2022 through October 2023.

  1. What Hurricanes and Fishing Teach Us About Risk and Project Development

  2. Five Key Enablers for Project Managers to Be Effective Communicators

  3. Project Risk: Will Hurricane Idalia Loop for a Second East Coast Landfall?

  4. Successful Project Management Software Needs This One Thing!

  5. This One Thing Improves Project Management Accountability

  6. How a Project Manager Can Leverage AI in 2023

  7. Too Many Variations? How to Know the Right Design-Build or EPC Firms

  8. Safe Water Project Funding Is Impacted by New Cyber Mandates

  9. Why Embrace Monte Carlo Analysis for New Project Development

  10. Beware of Monte Carlo Analysis for New Project Development

  11. Five Essentials for A Viable Water Utility (even when the money is free)

  12. Less than Obvious Tips That Will Boost Your Project Milestone Reviews

  13. Master Plans Are More Important with Persistent Inflation and Looming Recession

  14. How Regionalization & Consolidation of Water Utilities Creates New Projects

Let Us Know What You Think

Please give us your thoughts on topics we covered in 2023. Did what we saw and inspired us this year match your experience? Do you agree with the content of our articles? Plus, look for more next month when we share the project development articles that generated the most attention from social media.


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