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The Top 4 Program Development Articles of 2023

Some aspects of the Top 4 articles on program development surprised us.  What was your experience in 2023?
Some aspects of the Top 4 articles on program development surprised us. What was your experience in 2023?

What are our top ranked program development articles of 2023? Do they represent market trends? We were surprised at a few of the results. We think you will be surprised, too. Let us know what you think.

The Sources of the Articles

The 14 program development articles we posted this year are based on the most interesting people and topics we encountered in our travels. For the most part, travels include the consulting assignments of JD Solomon Solutions. In some cases, the source of the article is related to the follow-up conversations from a workshop or webinar.

No Particular Order or Predetermined List

JD Solomon Solutions is a lean, niche company. That means most of the content creation for the website falls on me and not our team. Time is precious, so everything comes from the wild. The golden rule is, “See it, write about it, and post it.”  That makes looking back on the previous year's content just as informative as the articles themselves.

14 Helpful Articles on Project Development from 2023 describe the types of articles and the range of topics we touched on over the past year.

Our Definition of Program Development

We summarize program development by the 3D’s – Decisions, Development, and Delivery,

Program development requires making quality decisions in the face of high levels of complexity and uncertainty. Our proven approaches and methods for program development are based on decades of practical experience in large infrastructure, facility, asset management, reliability, and risk management programs.

Visit our program development webpage for more information.

How We Ranked Them

The top articles were ranked by a weight-of-evidence approach using the following parameters:

  • Social media views

  • Social media likes

  • Comments, including social media, email, and conversations

  • Requests for additional information, proposals, contracts


The Top 4 Program Development Articles of 2023

Our mix of articles is approximately two-thirds planning and one-third implementation. It’s not surprising that the Top 4 is planning-related.

The Best of the Rest

Technology and forecasting dominate the top-ranked articles. However, there is a gap in where the social media interest lies and the source of revenues for our firm. We’ll talk about that next.

What’s Surprising from the 2023 Rankings

Four topical areas contributed to a high number of conversations and projects for our firm. However, the article(s) ranked relatively low in terms of social media views and likes.

  • Construction Costs and Inflation

  • Project Funding

  • Program Management Systems

  • Master Plans

Social media can be tricky. Perhaps the articles had the wrong titles, were in saturated topical areas, failed to catch fire because they were not good, or we promoted them in the wrong place or day of the week. Interestingly, two guest articles we did on project funding on the Communicating with FINESSE website were extremely popular.

Where Does Program Development Rank Overall

Program development articles comprised 20% of the top 10 articles in the past year and 20% of the top 20. Program development was about 25% of our overall revenue in 2023.

Looking to 2024

Do our top-ranked program development articles in 2023 indicate market needs and interests? Or are our results biased based on the niche focus of our company and the small sample size of articles? Some of the results surprised us. Please give us your thoughts.


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