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New in 2023

The quality of the facilitation is a critical factor in the quality of our assessments and solutions. From root cause analysis to strategic plans, this book provides the techniques to move the facilitation of ten different technical applications from good to great. 

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Communication is more than half of the battle. JD's proven approaches incorporate decades of leading the communication for tough issues and most controversial problems as a consultant, staff member, and decision maker. This book provides the training foundations of what we teach technical professionals in all types of organizations.

Facilitating with FINESSE by JD Solomon provides approaches and tips for guiding groups to successful solutions.  The 10 applications range from root cause analysis to strategic plans.
JD Solomon wrote the book "Communicating to Decision Makers" second edition

Founded by JD Solomon, Communicating with FINESSE is a not-for-profit community of technical professionals dedicated to being better trusted advisors.

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J.D. Solomon, Inc. offers full-day and half-day workshop formats. Full-day formats typically afternoon and the following morning. All workshops are customizable to specific organization case examples. Topics include:

Communicating with Decision Makers 
Facilitating with FINESSE
Fundamentals of Reliability, Risk, and Redundancy 
Fundamentals of Asset Management 
Building Better Business Cases 
Picture of one of JD Solomon's communication workshops for Science, Technolgy, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professionals.  This group is primarily reliability engineers.
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