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Solutions for major infrastructure such as the drinking water intake at the North Saluda reservoir near Greenville, South Carolina.

Our services include integrating permitting & compliance issues into program development, performing environmental root cause analysis, providing third-party reviews, providing expert opinion on emerging contaminants and hazardous algal blooms, and facilitating water management planning.

JD Solomon Rule Making Experience:

JD Solomon served as program manager for disaster recovery from a hurricane and flooding in six North Carolina counties.
JD Solomon provides solutions for coastal environments such as this inlet that was plugged from sand after a beach renourishment project.
JD Solomon Inc provides solutions related to harmful algal blooms (HABs) such as this one at White Lake, North Carolina.
  • Statewide Stormwater Rules

  • Special Coastal Stormwater Rules

  • InterbasinTransfer Certificates

  • Motor Vehicle Emissions Standards

  • Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration (CISWI) Units 

  • Toxic Air Pollutant Rules

  • Riparian Buffer Rules

  • Point Source Discharge Rules

  • Water Quality Certification Rules

  • Watershed Protection Rules

  • Nutrient Management Rules

JD Solomon Boards & Commissions:

  • Chairman of North Carolina Environmental Management Commission (under two governors from different political parties)

  • State Water Infrastructure Authority (two term appointee)

  • NC Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing Public Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Research Triangle Regional Partnership (executive committee)

  • County Economic Development Commission Chairman

  • County Political Party Chairman

  • Former state-level registered lobbyist

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