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Using SOAP Will Save Your Criticality Analysis Time and Money

View of bar of SOAP, the Solomon-Oldach Asset Prioirtization method
A Criticality Analysis is an essential first step for understanding any type of system.

The Solomon-Oldach Asset Prioritization (SOAP) method is an alternate method for conducting criticality analysis for use on industrial assets and public infrastructure; SOAP can result in staff time savings of up to 70% as compared to traditional methods, which are time-consuming and sometimes misleading. The methodology follows many of the traditional approaches, including the use of cross-functional teams. SOAP’s primary differences are related to the use of preference ballots for system-level evaluation and the subsequent use of a function-based scoring system at the asset level.

SOAP was developed and beta-tested in 2014 and 2015. The peer-reviewed paper was presented at the international Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) in early 2016. SOAP has been used successfully at dozens of locations in a wide variety of industry sectors over the past seven years.

Some of the key benefits of the SOAP method include:

  • effective use of group time

  • a reasonable blend of objective and subjective approaches

  • function statements establish purpose and validity

  • RCM-based with a focus on functions

  • systems and subsystems – enough granularity but not too much

  • efficient use of subject matter experts

  • a tool, not the final answer – still use personal judgment

  • effective group interaction

  • common understanding by all staff of systems, subsystems, and assets

Some primary times for utilizing the SOAP method for collection system criticality evaluation are when:

  1. struggling to prioritize your maintenance program and related resources

  2. facing a major capital investment

  3. there is a need for a structured, new way of evaluating old problems

  4. there is a change in leadership and a quick confirmation of the existing system is desired

  5. there is simply not enough data to support anything beyond a subjective approximation


JD Solomon provides services at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Contact us for more information on Criticality Analysis and the power of SOAP to save you time and money.


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