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The Top 4 Environmental Articles of 2023

PFAS dominated the general interest but root cause analysis dominated the Top Environmental Articles of 2023.
PFAS dominated the general interest, but root cause analysis dominated the Top Environmental Articles of 2023.

What are our top-ranked environmental articles of 2023? Do they represent market trends? You will be surprised by a few of the results. Let us know what you think.

The Sources of the Articles

The ten environmental articles we posted this year are based on the most interesting people and topics we encountered in our travels. For the most part, travels include the consulting assignments of JD Solomon Solutions. In some cases, the source of the article is related to the follow-up conversations from a workshop or webinar.

No Particular Order or Predetermined List

JD Solomon Solutions is a lean, niche company. That means most of the content creation for the website falls on me and not our team. Time is precious, so everything comes from the wild. The golden rule is, “See it, write about it, and post it.”  That makes looking back on the previous year's content just as informative as the articles themselves.

10 Timely Insights on Environmental Issues from 2023 describe the types of articles and range of topics we touched on over the past year.

Our Definition of Environmental

Environmental services span the topics regulated by USEPA and the related state agencies.

Our specific service offerings include integrating permitting and compliance issues into program development, performing environmental root cause analysis, providing third-party reviews, providing expert opinions on emerging contaminants and harmful algal blooms, and facilitating water management planning.

Visit our environmental services webpage for more information.

How We Ranked Them

The top articles were ranked by a weight-of-evidence approach using the following parameters:

  • Social media views

  • Social media likes

  • Comments, including social media, email, and conversations

  • Requests for additional information, proposals, contracts


The Top 4 Asset Management Articles of 2023


The Best of the Rest

Interestingly, two of our most popular environmental articles appeared on LinkedIn and not on the website. Both generated a lot of conversation and were the source of a requested presentation at a global conference.


The Topics (and Biases) of the 2023 Articles

The inspiration generated articles on the following topics:

  • PFAS (4)

  • Wetlands (1)

  • Climate change (1)

  • NPDES permitting (1)

  • Water sources (1)

  • Root cause analysis (1)

  • Communication (1)

For our company, environmental services cut through almost every project we do. However, we do very little work as standalone environmental services. In other words, we don’t lead site cleanups or obtain air permits. That means our articles are a bit biased by the primary work (like a utility regionalization project or regional water plan) or by things our clients are inquiring about (like PFAS).

It is interesting that one of the services we are best known for, root cause analysis, rose to the top no matter what else we wrote. And the top article from this category was an oldie but goodie.

Where Does Environmental Rank Overall

Environmental articles comprised 15% of the top 20 articles in the past year and 15% of the top 40. That’s consistent but also a strange metric when standalone environmental projects only account for about 5% of our revenues.

Looking to 2024

Do our top-ranked environmental articles in 2023 indicate market needs and interests? Or are our results biased based on the niche focus of our company and the small sample size of articles? Please give us your thoughts.


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