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10 Timely Insights on Environmental Issues from 2023

Ten articles inspired by the most interesting people and environmental projects we encountered during 2023.
Ten articles inspired by the most interesting people and environmental projects we encountered during 2023.

What's hot in our world of environmental issues in 2023? The insights on our website provide a good snapshot. Read a few of these articles and let us know your thoughts. We trust that you will find them helpful.

The Sources of the Articles

The articles were based on the most interesting people and topics we encountered in our travels. For the most part, travels include the consulting assignments of JD Solomon Solutions. Sometimes, the article's source is related to the follow-up conversations from a workshop or webinar.

No Particular Order or Predetermined List

JD Solomon Solutions is a lean, niche company. That means most of the content creation for the website falls on me and not our team. Time is precious, so everything comes from the wild. The golden rule is, “See it, write about it, and post it.” That makes looking back on the previous year's content just as informative as the articles themselves.

What’s In Environmental?

JD Solomon Solutions brands itself in asset management (including reliability, risk, and operational resilience), program development, and facilitation. We contract a relatively small volume of work as environmental assignments.

However, the environment cuts through all aspects of our services. If our three primary service sectors are the bread, meat, and cheese in a sandwich, environmental issues are like the butter or the seasoning. Visit the Environmental webpage for more information.

There is a Good Range of Topics

The goal is to be inspired to produce one 600 to 900-word article each month. We produced ten. A quick check shows our other three categories produced twelve or more. Overall, the volume of inspiration was closely related to the volume of our four primary service areas.

Within the environmental insights category, the article topics were related to:

  • PFAS (4)

  • Wetlands (1)

  • Climate change (1)

  • NPDES permitting (1)

  • Water sources (1)

  • Root cause analysis (1)

  • Communication (1)

Helpful Articles on Environmental Issues from 2023

This is our list from November 2022 through October 2023.

  1. Why Submerged Aquatic Vegetation is More than Climate Change

  2. Environmental Lawsuit Asserts Going Fishing Requires an NPDES Permit

  3. Is Your Retirement Portfolio Safe During the PFAS Lawsuits?

  4. 5 Places You Will Find Forever Chemicals (PFAS) in Your Home

  5. Effective Communication: How to Improve When Environmental Disasters Strike Our Communities

  6. Will The Recent Sackett v. EPA Wetlands Ruling Hurt Landowners?

  7. Why Diversifying Water Sources Provides Benefits and Challenges

  8. Ten Questions to Help You Understand the Proposed USEPA PFAS Regulations

  9. Applying ISO 31000 to PFAS and USEPA Risk Assessments

  10. Three Things To Avoid When Performing An Environmental Root Cause Analysis

Let Us Know What You Think

Please give us your thoughts on topics we covered in 2023. Did what we saw and inspired us this year match your experience? Do you agree with the content of our articles? Plus, look for more next month when we share the environmental articles that generated the most attention from social media.


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JD Solomon is the author of Communicating Reliability, Risk & Resiliency to Decision Makers: How to Get Your Boss’s Boss to Understand and Facilitating with FINESSE: A Guide to Successful Business Solutions.

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