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January 2024 Updates from JD Solomon Solutions

Contact us for more information on our practical approaches.
Contact us for more information on our practical approaches.

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Insights inspired by the interesting projects and people we encounter.

Asset Management




Featured Project

JD Solomon Inc. continues to support Kansas City Water with improvements to its asset management for its 240-million-gallon-per-day water treatment plant. The area of focus in recent months has been on improvements to the preventative maintenance (PM} program. JD Solomon and Dion Trost provide primary support for the project.



JD Solomon and Greg Christensen sat down to discuss all things reliability and maintenance on CMMSradio. Christensen’s popular podcast features expert guests sharing their journey, experiences, and perspectives around maintenance management, maintenance and reliability, facilities management, asset management, and the like. Use this link to see the episode on YouTube.


Upcoming Free Webinars

January 25, 2024

Developing and Facilitating Strategic Asset Management Plans

The quality of work is a function of how well it is facilitated. This session will provide tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid when facilitating Strategic Asset Management Plans. Join us for the interactive event!

Key learning objectives include:

  • Understand challenges associated with SAMP development.

  • Apply best practices for SAMP development.

  • Identify facilitation practices that are unique to SAMPs.

  • Improve collaboration between participants.

  • Apply five techniques that move SAMP facilitation from good to great.

This free webinar is provided by Communicating with FINESSE in Zoom format.

Feb: Communicating Asset Management to Sr. Management with JD Solomon

March: Communicating Reliability with Bob Latino

Improving Technical Communication and Facilitation

JD Solomon Solutions continues its support of the not-for-profit Communicating with FINESSE in 2024. The community of seasoned practitioners who support the CWF mission is impressive. A summary of the 18 guest contributors can accessed at The Guest Insights of 2023 from Communicating with FINESSE, along with links to their insights.


Celebrating Four Years in Business

We took a look at our most requested services over the past four years. These are not necessarily the largest assignments or the most complex. It is probably not surprising that Criticality Analysis, Asset Management Assessments, Facilitation, and Root Cause Analysis topped the list.

It is probably also not too surprising that the most requested services did not necessarily produce the most revenues, at least on a per-project basis. More on that next month.


JD Solomon Inc. provides solutions for program development, asset management, and facilitation at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Subscribe for monthly updates related to our firm.


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