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Improving Soft Skills Propels Your Career

These two books will improve your soft skills and empower your career.

"The results of our work often depend on the quality of the facilitation," author JD solomon recently explained. "Facilitating with FINESSE addresses ways we can improve interactive, peer-to-peer communication when we work in teams."

The 2nd edition of Communicating to Decision Makers was released last year. A new chapter, more case examples, and a new layout are among the enhancements. The cover was also changed from light blue to orange.

"The new orange book (2nd edition) is much improved," said Solomon. "Communicating to Decision Makers provides an approach for effective communication up the chain of command. All of the great work we do as technical professionals does not matter much if we can't get senior management to understand."

Both books are outcomes of years of business-to-business training offered by JD Solomon Inc. Half-day and full-day training formats are available.


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