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15 Helpful Articles on Asset Management from 2023

Let us know what you think about the topics and information on asset management over the past year.
Let us know what you think about the topics and information on asset management over the past year.

What's hot in asset management in 2023? The insights on our website provide a good snapshot. Read a few of the fifteen articles and let us know your thoughts. We trust that you will find them helpful.

The Sources of the Articles

The articles were based on the most interesting people and topics we encountered in our travels. For the most part, travels include the consulting assignments of JD Solomon Solutions. In some cases, the source of the article is related to the follow-up conversations from a workshop or webinar.

No Particular Order or Predetermined List

JD Solomon Solutions is a lean, niche company. That means most of the content creation for the website falls on me and not our team. Time is precious, so everything comes from the wild. The golden rule is, “See it, write about it, and post it.” That makes looking back on the previous year's content just as informative as the articles themselves.

What’s In Asset Management

JD Solomon Solutions covers the broad range of asset management services described by the international asset management standard, ISO 55000.

We sharpen that list with the 3Rs – Reliability, Risk, and Resilience. Our key specialty services include criticality analysis, financial forecasting for renewal & replacement, reliability & risk assessments, root cause analysis, and O&M improvements. Please see our Asset Management webpage for more information.

There is a Good Range of Topics

The goal is to be inspired to produce one 600 to 900-word article each month. We exceeded the goal with fifteen.

We also touched on all six items of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) taxonomy:

  • Strategy and Management

  • Decision Making (2)

  • Life Cycle Delivery (4)

  • Asset information (2)

  • Organization and People (4)

  • Risk and Review (3)

We covered this cluster of topics from a practitioner's perspective

  • Asset Inventory and Condition (3)

  • Asset Valuation and Finance (3)

  • Preventative Maintenance (1)

  • Data Management (2)

  • Risk (1)

  • Safety (1)

  • Organizational Capacity (2)

  • Communication (2)

15 Helpful Articles on Asset Management from 2023

This is our list from November 2022 through October 2023.

  1. Asset Management History Empowers Critical Infrastructure Rules of Thumb

  2. Why Important Differences in Useful Life and Service Life Matter

  3. How to Add Preventative Maintenance to Your Asset Management Program

  4. How to Transfer Asset Data from Capital Projects into an Asset Management System

  5. Eight Solutions for Effectively Communicating Asset Management to Frontline Staff

  6. To Weight or Not to Weight? Simplify to Improve Asset Condition Assessments

  7. Why Understanding Organizational Capacity Leads to Asset Management Success

  8. Eight Solutions for Effectively Communicating Asset Management to Senior Management

  9. How to Keep Your Asset Management Program Strong During Leadership Changes

  10. Why Consider Asset Obsolescence Before Field Condition Assessments

  11. Why I Take These 3 Tools to Every Asset Management Condition Assessment

  12. The Top 10 Safety Tips for Asset Managers

  13. Why Minimizing Information Systems Improves Your Asset Management Program

  14. Controversial Thoughts on Operationalizing Asset Management for Better Results

  15. How to Improve Your Communication of Probability to Senior Management

Let Us Know What You Think

Please give us your thoughts on topics we covered in 2023. Did what we saw and inspired us this year match your experience? Do you agree with the content of our articles? Plus, look for more next month when we share the asset management articles that generated the most attention from social media.


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