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Solomon Becomes Contributor for "On Systems Thinking"

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Accendo Reliability is a consortium of professionals providing thought leadership to the techncial sector.

JD Solomon becomes a regular contributor for Accendo Reliability in mid-January. Solomon’s articles will be part of a new subject matter group called “On Systems Thinking ."His initial series is titled "Communicating with FINESSE" and focuses on more effective communication and facilitation. Solomon will be joined in the new group by root cause analysis (RCA) guru Bob Latino, who will focus on human aspects of physical systems.

Accendo Reliability is a consortium of two dozen leaders who provide thought content in reliability, engineering, and maintenance. Accendo Reliability was formed ten years ago by a small group of technical professionals led by Fred Schenkelberg. Accendo Reliability is not a trade magazine nor a professional society.

Bob Latino and JD Solomon share a common passion for physical and human systems. Latino is a second-generation reliability leader and currently a senior consultant at Prelical Solutions, LLC. He is the author of several books and software related to RCA. Bob is also a board member of the Community of Human and Organizational Learning, whose focus is on the human aspects of organization resilience, human performance improvement, data analysis, root cause analysis, and safety.

Communicating with FINESSE will provide insights on communication and facilitation from the perspective of systems with integrated physical and human components. The information will apply to a wide range of professionals at all organizational levels who work with complexity, uncertainty, and decision making. Visit for more information on services provided by our firm.


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