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June 2024 Updates from JD Solomon Inc.

June 2024 Updates (picture provided by Buddy Richardson). JD Solomon Inc. provides practical solutions.
June 2024 Updates (picture provided by Buddy Richardson). JD Solomon Inc. provides practical solutions.

Register today for the June 27 free webinar on Developing Better Business Presentations!


Upcoming Free Webinar

June 27, 2024 – Register today!


Frustrated? A New Way to Develop Business Presentations


Business presentations are critical in conveying strategic visions, securing stakeholder buy-in, and driving decision-making. Improving the presentation development process increases productivity, cost savings, effective communication, and work-life balance.


This session will provide a new approach to developing business presentations more efficiently and effectively. It is intended for technical professionals and their work that involves analysis, statistics, modeling, complexity, and uncertainty.


The methodology focuses on effective communication practices, including working with audiences with language, visual, and hearing challenges. Tips will be provided on how to work more effectively with presentation development in multi-layered, bureaucratic environments.


Are you ready to regain some of your productive time? Are you ready for a better work-life balance? Are you ready to be recognized more for the good work you do?


About the Presenter

JD Solomon is the presenter.


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Hot Topics

Our insights are inspired by the interesting projects and people we encounter.




Asset Management


Featured Project

The Pee Dee River Basin Plan enters its final sixth months. Recent activities include prioritizing water supply and demand strategies, drafting report chapters, and completing the USGS groundwater model. Major plan development activities will be completed over the summer and the plan will move to the public comments phase this fall.


The 24 appointed RBC members are from the agriculture, water utility, power utility, industrial, recreation, and environmental stakeholder groups. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is the lead agency. Brown and Caldwell (BC) and JD Solomon Inc. are teamed to facilitate and draft the plan.


Environmental Root Cause Analysis

JD Solomon Inc. provides root cause analysis for physical, business, and environmental failures and near misses. Our proven FAST approach—Frame, Analyze, Solve, and Transmit—enables organizations to find workable solutions to their most difficult problems. It allows organization leaders to find the right solutions quicker and in a format that is understandable for decision makers and implementation teams.


JD Solomon Inc. has developed a niche practice in environmental root cause analysis. Environmental failures are often more related to biological and chemical interactions, whereas physical interactions heavily influence equipment and business process failures. Like their occurrences, which take months, years, or decades to realize, environmental solutions often require longer periods to validate.




Contact us for more information about our solutions for environmental root cause analysis.


Updates Moving to Bi-Monthly

For the rest of 2024, our updates will move to July-August, September-October, and November-December. This approach worked well when we tried it last summer. Look for monthly communication in between the Updates about special events, upcoming presentations, or a hot topic that may interest you!


JD Solomon Inc. provides solutions for program development, asset management, and facilitation at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Subscribe for monthly updates related to our firm.


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