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Value Added Through Two Years of Articles on Accendo Reliability

Communicating at FINESSE has been a regular source of insights on communication and facilitation for reliability professionals.
Communicating at FINESSE has been a regular source of insights on communication and facilitation on Accendo Reliability.

JD Solomon crosses the two-year mark as a regular contributor for Accendo Reliability in January. Solomon’s articles are part of a subject matter group called “On Systems Thinking" and are written under the trademarked "Communicating with FINESSE" banner. Solomon has posted over 50 articles on Accendo Reliability over the past two years.


“It’s been a good partnership with Fred,” JD recently explained. “I like his approach and what he is doing. I am providing some content on soft skills that Accendo needs. Accendo allows me to post some previous articles and test some new stuff."


Accendo Reliability was formed over ten years ago by a small group of technical professionals led by Fred Schenkelberg. Today, Accendo Reliability is a consortium of over two dozen leaders who actively provide thought content in reliability, engineering, and maintenance. The material is in the form of eBooks, articles, and podcasts. Accendo Reliability is not a trade magazine nor a professional society.


"It's hard to believe I have posted an article every two weeks," noted Solomon. “If you look at it, about half are things I have posted elsewhere, another 25% have been customized for reliability engineers, and probably 25% is completely new content. That seems to work well for everyone.”


Communicating with FINESSE on Accendo Reliability provides insights into communication and facilitation from a systems perspective. There is an emphasis on human reliability, human performance, and how reliability engineers can be better communicators and facilitators.


On Systems Thinking also includes insights from root cause analysis expert Bob Latino.


JD Solomon Inc. provides solutions for facilitation, asset management, and program development at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. 

Communicating with FINESSE is the not-for-profit community of technical professionals dedicated to being highly effective communicators and facilitators. Learn more about our publications, webinars, and workshops. Join the community for free.


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