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Three Communication Workshop Formats for Successful STEM Professionals

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) professionals usually are not natural communicators. However, STEM professionals work in a world where big decisions with high levels of uncertainty are the norm. Effective communication is imperative.

JD Solomon, Inc provides three different formats for organizations to train their STEM professionals to effectively communicate with senior management and decision makers.

Eight-hour workshops

Eight-hour workshops apply the FINESSE fishbone diagrams to actual business problems that participants are facing in their work. The learning experience can be further enhanced by special training and consulting in conjunction with the workshop. The most popular eight-hour workshop format is a four-hour afternoon session followed by a next-day, four-hour morning session.

Four-hour workshops

Four-hour workshops apply the FINESSE fishbone diagram to previous case examples for the organization's market sector. These sessions can be particularly effective when an organization wishes to accomplish all of the training in one day and participants are local. Four-hour workshops can be performed in morning or afternoon sessions; however, the most popular session in this format is 9 AM to 2 PM or 10 AM to 3 PM.

Two-hour virtual workshops

The two-hour virtual format is most popular for organizations that actively support distance learning or whose employees are globally located. Five modules are used to cover the eight-hour course material.


Several pricing options are available, depending on the preferred format and the number of attendees. Pricing is normally in the range of $250 to $500 per participant.

Contact Communicating with FINESSE for detailed information on pricing and scheduling.



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