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Solomon to Share Root Cause Analysis Tips at NC Engineers' December Seminars

The PENC Raleigh Seminars will be from December 4 to December 6, 2023
The PENC Raleigh Seminars will be from December 4 to December 6, 2023.

Professional Engineers of North Carolina (PENC) will hold its annual professional development seminars from Monday, December 4 to Wednesday, December 6, 2023. The event will be at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC. The Raleigh Seminars are a mix of 2-days in person and 1-day virtual programming.

Topics cover the range of civil, mechanical, electrical, transportation, and environmental sectors. Licensed professional engineers can receive up to 18 professional development hours for their participation.

JD Solomon will discuss the fundamentals of root cause analysis, five ways to be a better facilitator of root cause analysis, and how to communicate results to executive leadership. The backdrop is selected case examples from Solomon's experience, including a 20-megawatt power generation unit, a water treatment plant, air handling units at a confidential research facility, a bridge collapse, coastal sedimentation, and a customer billing system.


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