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February 2024 Updates and Solutions from JD Solomon Inc.

The Great Pee Dee River near Britton's Neck, SC (photo courtesy of Buddy Richardson), February Updates and Solutions from JD Solomon, Inc.
The Great Pee Dee River near Britton's Neck, SC (photo courtesy of Buddy Richardson)

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Featured Project

JD Solomon Inc. continues to serve as the lead facilitator for the Pee Dee River Basin Council (RBC). The RBC completed its 20th meeting in October. The 24 appointed RBC members are from the agriculture, water utility, power utility, industrial, recreation, and environmental stakeholder groups. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is the lead agency. Brown and Caldwell (BC) and JD Solomon Inc. are teamed to facilitate and draft the plan.


The RBC continues to wait on the results from a regional groundwater model from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The RBC is progressing steadily with drafting chapters, clarifying upstream and downstream mitigation needs related to the drought-of-record, and understanding regional experience with conjunctive use.

New Systems Engineering Guidance

On February 1, 2024, the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) released its Systems Engineering Subject Specific Guidance (SSG). JD Solomon served as a core team member of the multi-year effort. Solomon previously served as the project leader for the Maintenance Delivery and Asset Operations SSG (SSGs 15 & 17).

The Systems Engineering SSG (SSG 13) illustrates how systems engineering complements the rest of the asset management life cycle and the six fundamental subject groups.



Upcoming Free Webinars

February 29, 2024 – Register today!

Communicating Asset Management to Senior Management

What's the value of asset management? Senior management will only have a few minutes for you to effectively communicate it. This free webinar will provide a proven approach and practical tips for building and maintaining support for your asset management program.

JD Solomon will be the presenter.


This free webinar is provided by Communicating with FINESSE in Zoom format.


Bob Latino will provide the March CWF webinar on Communicating Reliability.


JD Solomon Inc: Celebrating Four Years in Business

We looked at our most requested services over the past four years in January. These are not necessarily the largest assignments or the most complex. It is probably not surprising that Criticality Analysis, Asset Management Assessments, Facilitation, and Root Cause Analysis topped the list.

This month we highlight the four largest services, both in terms of revenue for our company and the impact made on our clients. Reliability & Risk Assessments, CMMS/EAMS Assessments & Improvements, Project Management Systems, and Preventative Maintenance Assessments & Improvements top this list.



JD Solomon and Kamber Parker shared helpful tips for connecting with young professionals in the workforce on The YouPro Know podcast. Many organizations in the facilities, infrastructure, and environmental sectors struggle to recruit and retain young professionals. JD Solomon Inc. and The YoPro Know continue partnering to help organizations improve through assessment, training, and communication. You can also find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.



CWF Focuses on Asset Management, Reliability, and Maintenance

Communicating with FINESSE is focusing on asset management, reliability, and maintenance in the first quarter of 2024. Industry leaders Fred Schenkelberg, Bob Latino, Cliff Williams, and Paul Martin Gibbons have provided communication insights thus far. Blog articles and free monthly workshops focus on communicating asset management and reliability.


JD Solomon Solutions continues its support of the not-for-profit Communicating with FINESSE in 2024.


JD Solomon Inc. provides solutions for program development, asset management, and facilitation at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Subscribe for monthly updates related to our firm.


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