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Three Helpful Articles on Asset Management and Decision Making staff is all about decsion making and Communicating with FINESSE! has published three articles from JD Solomon on asset management and decsion making. recently published three articles from JD Solomon on asset management and decision making. Whether you want to be a better asset manager or a better technical advisor, these articles provide helpful tips for surviving and excelling in your career.

Hero or Goat? The Difference Is Knowing the Difference discusses the alignment needed between technical advisors and decision makers on fundamental elements such as definitions and strategic versus operational decisions.

Making Asset Management Decisions: Caught Between the Push and the Pull considers senior management’s frequent dilemma of feeling the need to make a decision and concurrently wishing to “do no harm.”

Assume the Decision Maker Is Not Stupid to Make Your Communication More Powerful clarifies that communication is about the needs of the decision maker, not about the trusted advisor (or their team). is an organization whose mission is to discover and deliver effective approaches to making asset managers, reliability leaders, and maintenance professionals safe, sustainable, and successful. The Information is delivered online through the network of websites, Uptime® Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine for reliability and asset management, and a series of maintenance conferences including The International Maintenance Conference (IMC), The RELIABILITY Conference, and MaximoWorld (A Reliabilityweb Event).

JD Solomon Inc provides services at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Effective communication with decision makers is an integral part of the firm's offerings related to Program & Major Project Development, Asset Management (including risk, reliability, and resilience), and Facilitation.



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