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These Three Acts Improve Your Ability to Lead Others with Better Facilitation, Communication

Visit Accendo Reliability to see the entire series, including articles written specifically for the site. Also see JD Solomon Inc and Communicating with FINESSE for these and more articles.

Every written or verbal communication needs a structure. The three-act structure stands the test of time because it is a straightforward, efficient structure that works effectively with our human thinking processes. An example of the three-act structure is the series "Communicating with FINESSE" on Accendo Reliability.

There is still time to jump into the second act if you have not followed from the beginning.

Act I (the Opening) establishes the foundation and frames what is to come. Act II (the Main Body) provides the heart of the matter, including the twists and surprises along the way. Act III (the Close) brings the audience back down and charts the direction for the future.

Act I – The Opening

Act I Scene I

Act I Scene II

Act I Scene III

Act II – The Main Body

The Main Body consists of three scenes: Fabulous Facilitation, Five Ways to More Effectively Facilitate and Communicating with FINESSE.

Act II Scene I

Act II Scene I includes five installments on tips for moving your facilitation from good to great in “Fabulous Facilitation:”

Act II Scene II

Act II Scene II applied the five Fabulous Facilitation tips to different topics that reliability and risk engineers (and other technical professionals) facilitate in their day-to-day practices. Act II Scene II includes seven installments on “Five Ways to More Effectively Facilitate…”

Act II Scene III

Still to Come

Act III – The Close

Still to Come


Effective communication comes down to the systems thinking that is the foundation of Communicating with FINESSE. And systems thinking includes the structure as well as the content.

I hope you enjoy this version of Communicating with FINESSE in the three-act structure.



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