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Solomon To Speak At International Maintenance Conference

The 35th International Maintenance Conference (IMC 2021) at Marco Island, FL is a great learning and networking opportunity with global leaders in reliability, condition monitoring, machine learning, asset management, operational excellence, and human capital management,

JD Solomon will be providing a workshop on "How to Get Your Boss's Boss to Understand" on the conference's opening day. The source of the workshop is Solomon's 2017 book on the topic and the FINESSE communication checklist.

A session later in the week will be on developing financial forecasts for facilities and infrastructure. The primary message will be that we need a lifecycle forecast if we are truly doing asset management - defined as maximizing asset value over an asset's lifecycle. A secondary message is that developing the forecast is the most effective way to check data quality related to what assets you own, their values, and their remaining useful lives.

Go to for more information on IMC 2021.


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