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Solomon Shares Helpful Tips for Connecting with Young Professionals in the Workforce

JD Solomon and Kamber Parker share helpful tips on young professionals in the workforce.
JD Solomon and Kamber Parker share helpful tips on young professionals in the workforce.

JD Solomon and Kamber Parker shared helpful tips for connecting with young professionals in the workforce on The YouPro Know podcast. You can also find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.

Solomon On Company Blindspots

"I see it as a general awkwardness with social media and how to reach the younger generations. But the companies know to try. The HR people and some of the technical managers are really bad at it,” said Solomon. “They've got to do better at doing a gap analysis. There are inadvertent things companies do that really cause them to stumble inadvertently.  It's too much of a cookie-cutter approach with recruiting and retention.”

Solomon on Changing Technical Tools and Approaches

“It's beyond workforce retention and recruiting. It goes into things like Root Cause Analysis and After-Action Reports,” explains Solomon. “The older generation is used to bringing people into a room and having that one-on-one kind of dialogue to get to the bottom of what's going on. What I've seen in my practice is a lot of the younger generation thinks that's a little too confrontational. We've got to rethink how we do some of our traditional reliability and engineering type tools and approaches.”

View the full podcast for more insights from JD and Kamber.

More on Solving Workforce Challenges

Check out JD's guest blog on the YoPro Know website from October 2023.

The YoPro Know's Industry Leadership on Young Professionals

The YoPro Know publishes The Current State of Young Professionals Today report which tells us what motivates young professionals. The #1 workforce retention issue is related to young professionals. On its surface, the issue seems fundamentally straightforward. But like all big issues, workforce retention of young professionals has many interrelated parts and complexities.


Kamber Parker is a young professional and the founder of The YoPro Know, a firm dedicated to helping organizations improve their intergenerational culture, build their workforce pipeline with external candidates and develop young professionals into future leaders. Get a free copy of her report, “The State of Young Professionals Today.”



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