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Seven Helpful Tips About Project Risk

Supervisor at construction site getting ready to Communicate with FINESSE.
The 2022 Safran Project Risk Conference provided helpful tips on capital project delivery, program management, and project risk.

These are seven helpful tips about project risk from the Day 2 presenters at the online 2022 Safran Project Risk Conference.

From Samuel Steiman and Joshua Wargo:

1. Understand your customer’s key drivers. Cost may not always be the primary consideration.

2. Complicated quantitative analytical techniques (i.e., integrated cost schedule risks analysis) are not always the right answer.

From Donna Festorazzi:

3. Listen to what works and what doesn’t and be willing to collaborate and adjust to achieve the bigger goal.

4. Interpret the data and be able to talk about risk as a part of the overall goal and not one-dimensional.

From Chris Ritson:

5. Product updates for Safran Risk and Safran Risk Manager are strong and show Safran’s commitment to being a leader in the Project Risk field.

From Peter Iredale and Santosh Bhat:

6. Safran Risk makes it easy to engage a wide audience, by turning risks on and off and witnessing the results. (Sensitivity analysis is a powerful way to effectively communicate)

From the poll conducted during my (JD Solomon) session:

7. More than half of this very smart, technical audience had no formal training in how to communicate their results.

The proceedings will be available by the end of May on the Safran website.

Thanks to Mark Franklin, Edmund Cartwright, and the Safran team for sponsoring an impressive event!


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