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JD Solomon Inc Launches Communicating with FINESSE

Communicating with FINESSE fishbone diagram - artist rendering

JD Solomon Inc has launched a new area of focus. Communicating with FINESSE will focus on products, namely two books, and related corporate training. JD Solomon, Inc will continue to concentrate on our core business related to program development, asset management, and facilitation. The subdivision allows our merry band of five to continue focusing on our core clients and services. In contrast, one part-time team member focuses on publicity and interfaces with our related products.

The separate focus on Communicating with FINESSE prevents flooding our clients and customers with unwanted emails and other communications. JD Solomon Inc primarily provides content, has limited emails promoting our services to clients, and is geographically focused in the central and eastern United States. Communicating with FINESSE plays to a global market, which corresponds to the international sales of the first edition of Communicating to Decision Makers, and will have an aggressive social media presence. We believe that it benefits our clients to minimize the potential noise created if our two focus areas are not separated.

The second edition of Communicating Reliability, Risk, and Resiliency to Decision Makers: How to Get Your Boss’s Boss to Understand was originally scheduled to coincide with the book's 3rd anniversary in June of 2020. However, launching the new business in late 2019 and the onset of the COVID pandemic put those plans on hold. The second edition manuscript is in the editing process. Its release is targeted for June 2020, its fifth anniversary.

Communicating with FINESSE is the new training paradigm that began in latter 2019. COVID wreaked havoc on live training events but did provide the opportunity to improve FINESSE through webinars and a few virtual events. The book Communicating with FINESSE focuses on the training aspects and case studies. The second edition of Communicating to Decision Makers becomes the comprehensive book that includes supporting notes and a great bibliography of additional resources. The first edition of Communicating with FINESSE is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

We hope you will visit Communicating with FINESSE and sign-up for updates on the two books. All contact information is confidential and we plan only one to two email updates each month. And again, any contact information or communication related to JD Solomon Inc is maintained separately from Communicating with FINESSE.

JD Solomon


JD Solomon Inc provides services at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Our core services are Program Development (Decisions, Development, & Delivery), Asset Management (Reliability, Risk, & Resiliency), and Facilitation (People, Processes, & Performance).


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