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Brown and Caldwell, JD Solomon Inc Selected for Pee Dee River Basin Plan

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) has selected the team of Brown and Caldwell (BC) and JD Solomon Inc to facilitate the Pee Dee River Basin Plan. The project is scheduled to begin this summer and will have a two-year duration.

Brown and Caldwell will provide project management, serve as the primary document writer, and support facilitation. JD Solomon, Inc will provide the primary facilitation (monthly) and support document development and review.

SCDNR will be the lead state agency for the project, Clemson University will provide additional support, and other entities will provide detailed surface water and groundwater modeling support.

The Pee Dee River Basin Plan is part of the larger South Carolina Water Master Planning Framework, ensuring current and future water demands can be met over a 50-year planning horizon. A major component is the convening of a River Basin Council (RBC). The RBC consists of as many as twenty-four stakeholders representing eight defined water interest categories: agriculture, local governments, water & sewer utilities, electric power utilities, economic development, recreation interests, environmental interests, and at-large water-based interests.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCNDR) mission is to serve as the principal advocate for and steward of South Carolina's natural resources. Robert H. Boyles, Jr. is the Director of the agency. Ken Rentiers serves as Deputy Director of the Land, Water, and Conservation Division and has been integral in developing the statewide water Planning Framework. Scott Harder leads activities and implementation of the plan and the River Basin Councils.

Brown and Caldwell (BC) is a 1,700-person, employee-owned company formed in 1947. Its primary goal is to make a positive impact on our environment. BC has developed river basin plans across the US and has decades of water resources experience in South Carolina.

JD Solomon Inc is in its third year of operation and has offices in North Carolina and South Carolina. JD Solomon Inc provides a wide range of facilitation, planning, and management consulting services to state and local government, water & wastewater utilities, and private-sector entities across South Carolina.


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