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2022 Community of Human and Organizational Learning (CHOL) Exceeds Expectations

jD Solomon in Cincinatti Reds jersey with Colorado mountains behind him.  JD is Communicating with FINESSE!
JD Solomon discusses "How Baseball Teaches Us Everything We Need to Know About Human Errors"

The 2022 CHOL conference greatly exceeded pre-pandemic attendance. A wider range of industries was represented, including a significant presence from the healthcare sector.

CHOL is where the physical sciences and social sciences integrate. This integration is related to safety, failure analysis, learning teams, operational performance, continual improvement, and high-reliability organizations.

The weeklong event included a full range of discussion and interactive environments including General Sessions, Rapid-Fire Sessions, Breakout Sessions, a Poster Session, Half-Day Workshops, and Full-Day Workshops. Some of the leading experts from around the world attended the event.

JD Solomon presented a breakout session on human error and a workshop on communicating issues with high levels of complexity and uncertainty.

The 2023 CHOL conference is in tidewater Virginia. Learn more about CHOL and what the community is doing throughout the year at its website.



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