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J.D. Solomon, Inc. provides solutions for people, facilities, infrastructure, and the natural environment.  We provide our niche services through a cadre of expert full-time staff, part-time staff, and sub-consultants without unnecessary organization layers. 


J.D. Solomon, Inc. opened in January 2020 and has supported clients and projects throughout the United States. Contact us for more information about our proven approaches and solutions.



  • Decisions

  • Development

  • Delivery


  • Reliability

  • Risk

  • Resilliency


  • People

  • Process

  • Performance


J.D. Solomon, Inc. provides solutions at the Environment-Infrastructure Nexus.


Our solutions help organizations make decisions related to renewing or replacing existing assets, the size and scope of facility and infrastructure enhancements and expansions, funding their future needs, and evaluating their organizational capacity to deliver the work.  Our solutions provide integrated approaches focused not only on the “what” to do, but most importantly the “how” to deliver the work successfully.

Construction worker looking at concrete structure represents the solutions JD Solomon Inc provides for facilities and infrastructure

Better Collaboration

The quality of the facilitation is a critical factor in the quality of our assessments and solutions. From root cause analysis to strategic plans, this book provides the techniques to move the facilitation of ten different technical applications from good to great. 

JD Solomon's newest book, Facilitating with FINESSE, provides approach and tips for facilitating 10 business solutions.

Get the Second Edition!

Communication is more than half of the battle. JD's proven approaches incorporate decades of leading the communication for tough issues and most controversial problems as a consultant, staff member, and decision maker. This book provides the training foundations of what we teach technical professionals in all types of organizations.

Communicating to Decision Makers second edition


JD as a baby in his mechanic grandfather standing beside a car towing truck (a wrecker)

The mechanic's grandson

JD Solomon's father acting goofy in from of a nuclear power plant under construction

The designer's son

JD Solomon as a young engineer 100 feet in the air in pile driving hammer leads.

On the job

My grandfather was a head mechanic, my father was in design engineering, and my “godfather” was a private developer of commercial and residential property. Working with them were my first paid and unpaid jobs and shaped my perspectives and career.



JD’s technical background includes an undergraduate engineering degree, a masters degree in finance, and a professional certificate in risk & strategic decisions.  He is a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE), a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Engineer (CMRP), and Six Sigma Black Belt, and certified in Lean Management. JD has served and led numerous infrastructure, environmental, and economic development boards & commissions.



For more information about our services and solutions, contact J.D. below.


Please allow 24 hrs for a response.

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch shortly.

Headshot of JD Solomon Inc president JD Solomon
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