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@Risk Management Conference featuring JD Solomon

JD Solomon is a featured speaker at the @Risk Management conference.  JD Solomon Inc provides practical solutions.
JD Solomon is a featured speaker at the @Risk Management conference. Register today!

On June 5, 2024, Lumivero is bringing industry experts and @RISK software users together to explore the latest trends, strategies, and tools in enterprise risk management. From strategic risk to cybersecurity and technology risk, the six one-hour sessions will cover a wide range of topics led by thought leaders and experts. The one-day event offers a unique opportunity for risk professionals across multiple industries to exchange ideas on risk analysis and explore opportunities for collaboration.

JD Solomon, Norman Marks, Pete Muller, Manuel Carmona, Glen Justis, Lachlan Hughson, and Mariama Zhouri headline this global event.

Visit the Lumivero website to register.


Lumivero brings trusted research, decision-making, and organizational tools together that enable professionals to do their work efficiently and productively and to make decisions more confidently.


JD Solomon Inc. provides solutions for program development, asset management, and facilitation at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Subscribe for monthly updates related to our firm.



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