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Losing Senior Management? JD Solomon To Discuss Effective Communcation at LRVS 2023

JD Solomon will discuss how to avoid losing your senior management audience. Are you Communicating with FINESSE?
JD Solomon will discuss how to avoid losing your senior management audience.

LRVS has become a community of like-minded professionals who can connect, collaborate and add value to each other. ​It is a platform where stakeholders come together from across various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Mining, Energy and so many more. Participants share ideas, chart new ways to revolutionize their sector, and stay informed of the current trends.

This year, JD Solomon will discuss the choice technical advisors have to include all of senior management or to inadvertently leave as many as one-fourth of the audience behind. Physical impairments are one of three types of barriers that must be overcome to communicate effectively.

"This is one of my favorite topics to share, primarily because it is frequently overlooked and yet has a huge impact," JD Solomon recently explained. "Most technically trained professionals are shocked by how easily they can become more effective with senior management."

LRVS Americas will be held virtually on September 20, 2023. Click here to register.


LRVS is a meeting place for major global stakeholders and game changers who are making their impact on the world. ​This year, we will be hosting 3 events in 3 regions on 3x the fun!


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