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Confluence 2023: JD Solomon Discusses Communication At All Levels

CONFLUENCE 2023 Three states. One location. Zero PowerPoints.
Three states. One location. Zero PowerPoints.

The Southeast’s most unique water conference is happening May 4 and 5 in Greenville, SC. Confluence goes beyond state borders and generates meaningful discussions about our water resources. The conference has brought North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia leaders together for 20 years.

JD Solomon will be speaking on a panel that discusses Communication at All Levels. Joining JD on the panel will be YoPro Know's Kamber Parker, who specializes in communications and careers of young professionals, and Spartanburg Water's Jennfier Candler who is a public relations specialist. Solomon brings the decision-making perspective of communicating with senior management and boards of directors.

Did we mention that there will be no PowerPoint presentations at this year's conference? Amen!

Register here.


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