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April Updates from JD Solomon Solutions

JD Solomon Inc provides solutions for people, facilities, infrastructure, and the environment.

Hot Topics

Featured Project

Johnston County NC has hired JD Solomon Solutions to manage its Phase II Water and Wastewater Regionalization Assessment. The assessment includes 13 entities across the county, including the county’s own public utilities department. Phase I assessed the infrastructure needs, interconnections, and demand forecasts. Phase II evaluates financial and governance aspects. International consulting firm Black and Veatch was also retained to continue in Phase II.


The Community of Human and Organizational Learning

JD Solomon will represent the firm in several sessions at the 29th annual conference. Solomon will be a panel with root cause analysis expert Bob Latino and data analytics guru Robert Stevens on "The Current State of AI." Solomon will also lead sessions on "Assessing and Communicating Environmental Disasters in our Communities” and “How to Make Your Presentations More Accessible and Inclusive.”

The CHOL conference integrates the social sciences and physical sciences. The global event is in Tidewater, Virginia, from June 12th to 16th. More information and registration can be found here.


The FINESSE Approach and the FINESSE Fishbone Diagram – Friday, April 21

Do you have a formal communication approach when discussing asset management with senior management? Or are you learning as you go? Learn what FINESSE stands for and how the seven causal factors lead to effective communication. This webinar will provide the foundation for being a better trusted advisor.

Eight Ways to Make Your Presentations Accessible and Inclusive - Thur, May 18

You will have at least one person in every presentation with some form of visual or hearing impairment. The question is what are you doing about it? This free webinar demonstrates ways to communicate effectively with everyone who attends your business presentations.

Provided by Communicating with FINESSE

Communication and Facilitation Training

These half-day or full-day training events fill a gap in the knowledge and experience of many technical professionals who are asked to communicate to business leaders or solve problems with high levels of complexity and uncertainty.

The training is team-based. Current examples of troublesome issues are used to enhance learning and provide a tangible outcome from the training. We are currently booking events for the second half of 2023.

JD Solomon's New Book

Facilitating with FINESSE is in the final editing phase. The book provides approaches and tips for ten different types of facilitation. The official release date is May 2023.


JD Solomon Inc provides solutions at the nexus of the facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Sign-up for monthly updates.


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