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People: Taylor Stubblefield Leads Marketing, Communications

Taylor Stubblefield joined the team in February when we decided to separate the focus of JD Solomon Inc and Communicating with FINESSE. Taylor has done a great job creating the marketing approach and developing the social media campaigns for Communicating with FINESSE and the second edition of Communicating to Decision Makers.

Check out some of her work on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Taylor recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from East Carolina University College of Business with a BSBA Marketing degree. She has marketing, social media, and communications experience in the private sector, with a medium-sized town, and with state government.

How long will we continue to have her great skills and work ethic? As long as we can keep her. Realistically, JD Solomon Inc is a little small for her long-term ambitions. We are working together to find her next big thing.

According to Taylor, “I am eager to use my skills in marketing, social media, and communications as I have at JD Solomon, Inc. I plan on staying in the Greenville, NC area or working remotely. I hope you will check out the posts I have done with CWF and keep up with us on social media.”


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